Eight Tips For Getting Better Sleep

If you have tried many things in the past to improve your sleep with little success, then this post will help you to have a less challenging time falling asleep and staying asleep. It’s common knowledge that good sleep starts with a good bed, which is comprehensively covered on Sleepedia. Sleepedia reviews sleep related products (view their site) and helpful buyers guides, to give you a better nights sleep. To make the aforementioned possible, it is best to adopt other secondary measures that will ensure that you sleep better. Here are some tips for getting better sleep.

How to get the best sleep

Workout during the day


If you feel like you can’t sleep because you are restless, the reason could be that you have piled up energy that you didn’t burn up during the day. Exercising is a better way to get a good nights sleep. If you get into a healthy exercising routine, the chances are that you will get better sleep. Just make sure that you workout in the morning or the afternoon to ensure that you get sufficient time to rest.

Take a bath

Taking a warm shower will always help you to relax. Having a hot shower and spending time alone is the key to unwinding after a long day. Try to take a shower a few hours before you sleep to avoid getting hot from the shower as you won’t sleep well when you are hot.

Use essential oils

You can try to use different essential oils in your diffuser every night. The oils come in different flavors like orange, lavender, tangerine, sandalwood just to mention a few. You can add other flavors that you need to make their smell even better. And that is not all. You can dilute the essential oils in coconut oil, lotion, shea butter or a moisturizer that you use after a bath.

Adopt night time drinking

You can develop a habit of taking warm milk in the evening. You can use other ingredients in the milk like almond, cashew, cinnamon, honey, vanilla extract among others. You will discover that the mixture will be nutty and so relaxing. You can also take warm tea apart from milk before you get to bed.

Write a journal

Get your thoughts out on pen and paper before retiring to bed to get better sleep. Most of the time you will have many thoughts running through your mind every day. Writing down your thoughts will help you clear your mind and focus on having a good nights sleep.

Sleep in a dark room

It’s important to be particular about light when you are trying to sleep. You can purchase opaque curtains to ensure that no lights are shining in your room or use a sleeping mask. Using a sleeping mask is a grand idea if your essential oil diffuser ‘s hard to cover entirely.

Read a book

Reading a book before you retire to bed instead of using your laptop or watching tv since they will keep your brain active and prevent you from falling asleep. If you are reading a book on your phone, it is necessary to turn on the night shift feature and reduce the brightness as much as possible.


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