Benefits of Having a 3D Printer

One of the most recent shifts in product development entails 3D printing. Put simply; this is a form of technology that enables individuals to structure physical objects from their digital models. 3D printing began in the late 80’s under the title rapid prototyping.’ since this was the purpose of the technology at the time. A great many things have changed since then, and today, 3D printers are used to create an array of incredible objects. To learn more on this great devices, here are good 3d printer reviews. This article highlights the many benefits of having a 3D printer.

Benefits of having a good 3D printer

Reduces Time-to-Market


First off, 3D printing allows your ideas to develop at a rapid pace. A 3D printer lets you print a concept the same day that it was designed. This way, this technology shrinks a development process from what might have taken months to a couple of days, and, hence enable corporations to stay ahead of their competitors.

Quick Production

The speed of a 3D printer compared to a traditional printer can be likened to a sports car’s top speed to that of a horse cart. They both get you to your destination, but the duration of each means differs considerably. With industrial 3D printers, you can manufacture tons of objects in a matter of hours. Conversely, classical manufacturing techniques take up to several days and weeks to achieve the same production. The reduction in time translates to immense savings in cost.

Assembling Components is Unnecessary

In a typical production process, the individual components have to be manufactured first and then integrated into the working product. Consequently, the assembly phase has to be considered in nearly all the production processes. It is not the case with additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

In the latter, the assembly stage is entirely redundant since 3D printers are designed to print products in their entirety incorporating any and all the mobile elements. Although 3D printing products with moveable components are slightly sophisticated, eliminating the assembly phase of the production process is time-efficient and economical.

Customized Manufacturing

Another merit of using 3D printers entails the ability to make customized products. It is made possible because a 3D printer prints one item at a time. Although a series of 3D printers can be configured to create a similar product, the actual printing is still individual. During this process, a 3D model of the product is first designed and then sent to the 3D printer for printing. Given the ease of this process, a manufacturer can make minor adjustments to the 3D models being printed.

Mitigate Risk

lksdnvlksadvlknasldvknlaskndvlknsdavnsadvasdvOne of the greatest benefits of employing 3D printing is that you can test the market before launching the final product. Once you have a prototype of the product, you can launch it at a trade-show, making it accessible to potential customers and investors. By doing so, you can receive feedback regarding the customers’ feel for the product and make changes accordingly. Unveiling prototypes before making the final products provide an easy and valuable way of verifying whether the products have market potential.

3D printers confer numerous benefits, which include eliminating the assembly phase in production, saving on costs and time as well as mitigating risks.…

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